Due to a great resposnse by our hard-working volunteers, most of the volunteer opportunities have been filled.  As new volunteer needs arise or someone decides they are not long able to volunteer, shifts are opening up.

Click here to see all current available opportunities.


The Bounce presented by Buick
Help spread the joy of basketball to hundreds of area youth.  In partnership with Buick, the NCAA will give out free basketballs and t-shirts to pre-registered youth under the age of 18.  You'll help check off registrations, inflate basketballs and hand out shirts as cars drive through. 



6th Man Squad

Flexibility is a must if you are a volunteer for the 6th Man Squad. First off the bench, 6th Man Volunteers are dispatched to various activities wherever and whenever extra help is needed. 


Practice Assistant

Help manage practice courts and provide assistance to teams during their scheduled practice times.  Assist with court cleaning, organizing equipment and directing/moving teams throughout the practice facility.


Practice Operations 

Assist with court load-out, moving inventory, etc. 8 hour shift and lunch will be provided (must be able to be mobile and lift 30 lbs).


Inventory Preparation

Help stuff NCAA goodie bags, make welcome packages for players and sort all the supplies needed throughout the tournament.


Memento Delivery 

Assist the delivery team in loading and unloading mementos at the assigned hotels.


Catering/Hydration Liaison – St. Mary’s University

Work with caterer and game management crew to ensure food orders are delivered; continual restocking of water and PowerAde product from NCAA supplies.


Team-Guest Greeter/Check-In

Deliver the type of hospitality that San Antonio is known for by greeting and checking in team guests as they arrive to the games at designated entrance using pre-populated list.